Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Queen's Speech - Liberal Conservatives cover your ears

Imagine that you heard that a left-wing South American government had announced the following plans:
I'm sure my Conservative friends would be talking ruefully of the perils of socialist dictators.

Except that these policies, ladies and gentlemen, are the highlights from today's Queen's Speech. A dark day indeed for the Conservative party's more liberal and libertarian members.


  1. Emily Thornberry MP gave a great speech today in the House reminding us that the point of the Human Rights Act is to protect US as individuals. We all benefit from the freedoms it protects for us. Freedoms such as married couples cannot be forced to live in separate old people's homes.

  2. Thanks a lot for notifying us about the plans our government had announced!We should be aware of what they are supposed to perform in the nearest future!