Sunday, 12 April 2015

Another tax cut for the wealthy

The Conservatives are once again displaying their party-of-the-rich credentials. Only a few days removed from defending the hereditary principle for non-doms, the Prime Minster has now committed £1bn for an inheritance tax cut for 10% of estates.

This is the government that scrapped Child Trust Funds, closed SureStart centres, and cut child benefit, while slashing the top rate of tax for high earners, giving wealthy pensioners a state handout through Pensioner Bonds, and now promising £1bn for an inheritance tax cut for children of the asset-rich. Their priorities are clear. The wealthy get state backing and handouts, the poor get cuts and labels.

The next time you hear the Prime Minister talk about creating a fair society for future generations, think of his record, and ask whether his actions represent the type of 'fairness' you want for the country.

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