Friday, 14 November 2014


For a long time now I have been saying beware of UKIP because they want to completely privatise the NHS. You no longer have to take my word for it, here it is from the lips of Nigel Farage

Please watch this short clip of recent film, taken at a UKIP gathering which explains why OUR NHS is not safe in UKIP's hands.

Do you want your taxes to be spent of shareholder dividends?
Do you want to pay additional private insurance for life saving treatment that is currently universally free at the point of need?
Do you want to end up like US citizens who thought they were insured but had their treatment payments rejected by smart insurance companies?

I do not want any of these things, that is why I am fighting to be heard across Ascot, Windsor, Sunningdale, Binfield and the rest of the constituency. That is why I am offering you a credible alternative to the current Tory MP who voted for all the damaging changes to the NHS.

£34 BILLION of taxes has not been collected from companies and this is just the figure we know about. Labour will collect those unpaid taxes to prevent the further undermining of the NHS and the livelihoods of British citizens.

The Tories and the LibDems have brought our NHS to it's knees by putting the NHS on a fast track to privatisation. UKIP want to finish the job. For the sake of your families please vote Labour in 2015 to stop this madness.

Fiona Dent

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