Wednesday, 9 July 2014

PETER SHEARMAN; Labour candidate for the Clewer North by-election 24-7-2014

As a local man with a young family I know how important it is that communities have a strong voice, and are able to influence and shape their future. I have heard from many in Clewer North about the struggles they have with local planning, and how marginalised they feel by the council. I will work tirelessly to stand up for the residents of Clewer North, to ensure the community retains its character and regains control of its future.

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  1. I'm confused by your leaflet. You say Brexit is divisive but then in the same leaflet you say housing, health, schools and social care are under strain. Many who voted out did so for these very reasons because of the strain of being a member of the EU and funding EU projects has on local services. Why do you think it is appropriate to slander more than half of the voters as "divisive"? Where is your evidence to support this? Here you say your constituents feel marginalised. I note that's before Brexit has been implemented. Any idea why that might be? Are you seriously suggesting that these already marginalised constituents should be open and tolerant to every blatant threat to their culture and security? There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect our children. In fact, it is our moral obligation to do so. A natural instinct we should not suppress. How can they find work in an oversupplied market with little demand for freshly locally educated scholars and graduates? You say you're a school governer. Have you noticed the problems teachers have with classes full of children who don't understand them? What is your advice to them? Whose side are you on? What type of labour do you support? I'll be voting for Adam thanks. He did a talk on Brexit at the Guildhall before we voted. I did not see you there so I'm not sure you really care about most of your constituents already settled here.