Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Labour Conference 2013

Well, we all returned safely and enthused after this years conference. The mood was very upbeat and relaxed. Both Ed Balls' speech and Ed Miliband's speech were very well received and there was plenty to talk about at the fringe meetings later on! In particular the energy freeze announcement was something we all agreed that was a positive thing to talk about to voters coming up to the next General Election. In fact a number of energy companies are already freezing prices which goes to show there is capacity in the system after all.

 In all 5 Windsor members attended this year with our delegate Yvonne a first timer. It was a great opportunity to meet fellow members from all parts of the country and to meet up with our friends in Labour South East. If you've never been before - do think about attending next year. The chance to spend time with like minded people for a few days and discussing politics is a great reminder that although we are in a minority in Windsor - it's not the same in the rest of the country!