Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Spike's Blog: Ed's Speech and #lab12

Ed Miliband’s speech, in my opinion, gives us (Labour, but also the country as a whole) what we need right now: a credible vision for the future – how we get out of recession, and how we create a sustainable model for the economy for the years to come. We need to reshape 
ourselves into ‘one nation’ – a task for which Labour is possibly the only party capable of leading the way. The Conservatives have certainly forfeited the right to this principle, even though it was Disraeli who first made it popular as a rallying cry 140 years ago.

Half way through the parliament (and 4-and-a-half years into the UK recession), I think this comes at just the right time.

It was a powerful speech, giving a little more about Ed himself and his family background, setting out the vision and philosophy, and ending with some specific policy commitments which flow out of this. The biggest, most enthusiastic applause came for the way he ‘nailed’ the Tories for their utter incompetence in government over the past 2-and-a-half years… which just seems to be getting worse as time goes 

What also came across was Ed’s confidence – personally as leader of the Party; and politically that Labour is going to win the next general election. “The next Labour Government will end the free market experiment in the NHS” was an example of this, and one that I particularly 

 So another big ‘thumbs up’ from the conference, which I am sure will help us to take another step forward in our journey back to power. 

 By the way, I was very proud to see our Windsor delegate Jamie on the platform behind Ed during the speech!


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