Monday, 6 February 2012

(May 2010) Vote Labour in Windsor tomorrow

Archived (from May 2010):

You may have come here tonight wondering who to vote for and perhaps swayed by some of the Liberal Democrats' rhetoric about our position in Windsor. As our previous posts show, the Lib Dems have waged a pretty disingenuous campaign against Labour in the Windsor area.

We have challenged the Tories about the 4% council tax cut which is already resulting in budgets for this year being slashed. 60 members of staff at the council were made redundant - why? Just so the Tories could have a headline of the biggest council tax cut in the country. We don't believe that is right - a council is precisely there to provide services to people, that is what we pay for. Imagine what the country would be like under them? We would be winding back the clock to the 1980s and early 1990s and no-one wants that.

So why are the Lib Dems so ambiguous about their position on this? Time and time again, their candidate Julian Tisi has been asked about his position and he just blusters without giving an answer. The Liberal Demomcrats in Windsor are effectively "Tory-lite". Labour are the only voice of the progressive left in this constituency and we are determined to raise our voices against people who are more prepared to cut services for a headline than actually serving the people of their constituency. Vote for Labour's Dr. Amanjit Jhund tomorrow and you will get someone who will serve the local people and fight for the many, not just the rich few.

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