Monday, 6 February 2012

(May 2010) Meeting Windsor voters in Peascod Street

Archived (from May 2010)

Labour members were out in force on Saturday in the last weekend before the election. Dr. Amanjit Jhund was able to meet voters out shopping in Peascod Street, Windsor. The latest in a series of street stalls, the event was a big success. Fresh from his success the night before at the Windsor Boys' School hustings, many voters explained that they had decided to vote for Amanjit and not the other parties in Windsor based on hearing his views and policies. A dynamic and strong candidate, Amanjit has led a successful campaign for the Labour Party in Windsor, despite continuing attempts by the Liberal Democrats to undermine the party by distributing leaflets which misrepresent Labour's General Election position in Windsor whilst attempting to enhance their own with erroneous graphs.

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