Monday, 6 February 2012

(December 2010) To tweet or not to tweet

Archived (from December 2010):

I've been asked whether I have a twitter account to add to this site. I do, but I never use it! I did try, but as a 42-year old mother I feel that no-one really wants listen to my daily moans and words of wisdom.
But standing for public office means that I have a chance to air my views and opinions to a wider audience. This is why I would be privileged to provide a voice for residents who don’t believe their views are being represented. A Labour vote has always been seen as a wasted vote in Windsor, but with the Con-Lib coalition, it really is the only alternative vote to swingeing cuts in our local services. No vote is a wasted vote.

The cuts being proposed nationally at the moment are too deep and too quick and I want work to ensure that front line services can be protected to keep Windsor the great place to live that it is.

Laura Binnie

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