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(early 2011) Council elections in Windsor - Labour candidates announced

With the local Royal Borough council elections taking place on the 5th of May, the Windsor Labour Party is pleased to announce that we will be fielding 15 fantastic candidates across the area. For full details of each candidate, please have a look at the "Local Council Elections" link: (see information below)

For the candidates in the Maidenhead area, please look at Maidenhead Labour's site at:

Windsor Local Election Candidates 2011:

Ascot & Cheapside - William (Bill) Olney

William (Bill) has been a long time resident of Windsor and was a local publican of more than twenty years. Bill has been a parish councillor and has always had an interest in the local community and helping elderly residents.
“I am concerned about the council spending cuts and how they will be a blight on working families lives”.
William is standing in the Ascot & Cheapside ward and can be contacted 

Castle Without - Kate Pattinson

Originally from Maidenhead, Kate has lived in Windsor for 20 years. Having previously worked as an IT Project Manager, she recently completed a History degree at Royal Holloway University and currently volunteers at the Windsor Museum Store. Kate has three children who all attend local schools. Her interests include walking, live music and as a lifelong supporter of the Labour Party, local and national politics.

Kate is standing in the Castle Without ward along with Sona George Olikara. She can be contacted

Castle Without - Sona George Olikara

Sona George Olikara was born in 1977 and has been residing at Windsor for the past year and a half. He graduated in 1998 with an Engineering degree and has also completed his Post Graduation (MBA) in Business Management. He is currently working as an IT Programme Manager for a project with a large local company. He has always been a strong Labour Party supporter, believes in its ideology and principles and has been involved in politics since his college days. He loves Windsor for it being traditional yet trendy, warm yet open, its schools and its people and this was the main reason for him to move here from London.
As a strong advocate for change, he strongly believes that if given a chance he can contribute positively in developing Windsor and helping its residents. His strengths are his organizational skills and his ability to develop a great rapport with people around him and build relationships.
Sona is happily married to Betsy and has two sons, Noah and Ethan. He is also a very active volunteer at the British Heart Foundation, loves travelling and is an avid collector of manuscripts. Currently learning Spanish at East Berkshire College, he is also an avid twitterer and his twitter id is: @SonaLabour
Sona is standing for election in the Castle Without ward, along with Kate Pattinson. He can be contacted 

Clewer East - Yvonne Olney

Yvonne is an Accountant and lives and works in Windsor. Yvonne has two grown up sons both having been through the Windsor schools. She is a keen runner, having completed three London Marathons and is keen on promoting sports and healthy lifestyles for all.
“I believe that a strong society is one that looks after and appreciates its old, and encourages and stimulates its youth.”
Yvonne is standing in the Clewer East ward and can be contacted 

Clewer North - Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews is a long-established Windsorian who has been an active Labour member for nearly 40 years. In 1992 he played a major role in setting up the charity Windsor & Maidenhead Crossroads Care which provides breaks for unpaid family carers, and he is now Chairman of the Trustees. A former BBC TV producer, he now enjoys writing community plays about Windsor's local history, several of which have been successfully performed in local venues with the help of Windsor residents. He is a beekeeper and an allotment gardener.
Tony is standing in the Clewer North ward and can be contacted 
Clewer South - Laura Binnie

Laura Binnie - who stood in the 6th of January By Election in Park Ward, Windsor is standing again against the Lib Dems’ Richard Fagence in the Clewer South ward.
Laura has 3 children in local schools. She has worked in the Oil Industry for 17 years but has now opted to be a stay at home mother. She is studying for a maths degree and is in her final year. In her spare time, Laura also volunteers at St Edwards Church. Her hope is to be elected and support the residents in assuring that essential local services are protected by providing a "truly progressive alternative" within the council. Cuts cannot be allowed to take place without debate and, if elected, her wish is to ensure that this happens.
Laura is standing in the Clewer South ward and can be contacted 

Datchet - Jenny Ward

Jenny is a long term resident of Datchet and recently retired. In the past, she worked locally for an international magazine and for the last six years for the NHS Trust, as a patient records clerk. She has served as a school governor and is a member of Unison.
Jenny is standing in the Datchet ward and can be contacted at:

Eton & Castle - George Davidson

George has lived in the centre of Eton with his family for the past six years. He is standing in the Eton & Castle ward. He is the only candidate in the local election who is not employed by Eton College and who has a permanent home in Eton. George can provide an independent voice in dealings with the council and the college, for example in relation to the controversial ‘Rafts’ development. If elected, he wants to make Eton busier for traders and quieter for residents.
George stood against the Conservatives’ John Redwood in the last general election and has previously served as a Councillor in Slough as Deputy Leader of the Council, so has considerable experience in public office and getting results for local people.
George is standing in the Eton & Castle ward and can be contacted 

Eton Wick - Mark Olney

Mark grew up in Eton Wick where his father ran the Three Horseshoes pub. Mark has lived in the village for the past 18 years with his wife and 2 grown up sons. He is a Primary School Teacher and previously represented Eton Wick as a Councillor for seven years. During this time he fought for better services for the residents of the village both young and old alike. Mark had to reluctantly give up his role as a councillor when taking up the position of Deputy Headteacher at Eton Porny First School. Mark now works for a neighbouring authority and can once again stand for election in the ward. “I feel Eton Wick has been neglected over the past 6 years in terms of cuts to funding to improve parking, public transport and road improvements in the village. I feel the voice of the residents and their concerns over local services have been largely neglected. I would welcome the opportunity to put this right.”
Mark is standing in the Eton Wick ward and can be contacted at: 

Horton & Wraysbury - Peter Ward

Peter has lived in the locality for many years and has been a member of the Labour Party for over 27 years. He works for the NHS and is a member of Unison.
Peter is standing in the Horton & Wraysbury ward and can be contacted at:

Old Windsor - Ahamed Mashoor

Ahamed is a long-term resident of Old Windsor where he lives with his family. He works as a physiotherapist in the NHS.
Ahamed is standing in the Old Windsor ward along with Roy Reeves and can be contacted at:

Old Windsor - Roy Reeves

Roy has lived, worked and is now retired in the Old Windsor area. He is Chair of the Windsor Constituency Labour Party, Branch Secretary of the GMB Union and is on the Old Windsor Day Centre management committee. A former Head Gardener at Eton College and Gardener at Windsor Castle, he believes in encouraging people to be involved in local organisations, but not if this is at the expense of council workers’ jobs.
Roy is standing in the Old Windsor ward along with Ahamed Mashoor and can be contacted at: 

Park Ward - Brent Curless

54 year old Brent Curless has lived in Windsor for over 20 years and as a keen member of The Datchet Dashers can often be seen out running on The Long Walk. He will be running his 14th London Marathon this year and is passionate about people being fit and especially that our children have the facilities for and encouragement to an active outdoor life. He is also an advocate of open access to the countryside and would like to see more of The Great Park opened up to the general public including the river bank that runs through Windsor Castle.
Brent lives in Fountain Gardens with his Wife Penny who is a local magistrate and his three children who all attend Windsor schools. As a property developer he is keen that we have excellent quality in our built environment and with our transport links. He is also someone who would like to see a reduction in the number of cars in Central Windsor – especially at the weekends and has some new ideas on how to bring that about.
Brent is standing in Park ward and can be contacted 

Sunningdale - Ajay Nehra

Ajay lives and runs two local businesses in Sunningdale and Sunninghill. Having moved to Sunningdale in 2000 he is fully aware of the local issues that exist in and immediately surrounding the village. He has been an active Labour Party member and business supporter. Ajay stood for Sunningdale in the 2007 local elections and visibly improved Labour Party support in the area. Ajay has two young sons and is anticipating raising them both in Sunningdale schools.
“I am concerned with the lack of support in dealing with local issues in Sunningdale and particularly with the delays in getting the work done.”
Ajay is standing in the Sunningdale ward and can be contacted and followed on twitter at: He also has his own blog at: 

Sunninghill & South Ascot - Spike Humphrey

I have been living in Sunninghill and then South Ascot for the past 5 years. I work for a British company; my job is to export pharmaceuticals around the world. I have a 25 year career in Marketing, most of which has been in the South East region. While I have been a life-long Labour voter, I decided to join the Labour Party and become more active in political life about a year ago. The issues I feel most concerned about are that the policies and overall direction of the present government will lead to increasing inequality and unfairness in our country. I believe this is out of tune with the values of the mainstream majority of the British people. I fear the speed and depth of the spending cuts are too great. This will not only remove important public services, but also demoralise the people who are left in place to deliver what remains (in the health service, education, the police force, and so on); hence we will all suffer the consequences. I also see the coalition's present economic strategy as misguided and ultimately self-defeating, since what it is doing is to contract the economy and seriously weaken consumer and business
Spike is standing in the Sunninghill & South Ascot ward. He can be contacted at: 

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