Monday, 6 February 2012

(April 2011) Parking in Windsor is Still a Complete Mess

Archived (from April 2011):

In recent leaflets delivered to local houses, the Tories have claimed success over parking problems in Windsor with “New Parking Spaces Across the Borough”. The evidence would point to the contrary. A walk in the centre of Windsor in the evening still shows streets lined with cars all the way down double yellow lines, showing that there is insufficient space for all the residents, with no enforcement. In addition, local businesses around St Leonards Road and Vansittart Road have suffered under Councillor Tom Bursnall’s ill-thought out resident-only schemes which now leave streets empty during the day with visitors unable to park on them, thus driving down trade. The park and ride scheme is completely under-used, yet congestion on Arthur Road is horrific and town centre street parking is bizarrely almost free.

The short-term sticking plaster policies of this local council are designed more about getting the next term in council than about actually sorting out long term solutions for the town. We need this to change. A comprehensive plan which is sensitive to the realities of our area but reduces congestion and pollution is long overdue but cannot be delivered by the Tories or Lib Dems. They have played electoral ping pong with this issue for too long, affecting businesses and the lives of people here. Let’s make that change with the vote on May 5th and get rid of this incompetent Tory and Lib Dem council.
This blog was also sent as a letter to the local newspapers

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