Monday, 6 February 2012

(April 2011) Councillors should look closer to home for savings

Archived (from April 2011):

The recently trumpeted 0.5% cut in our council tax bills delivers nothing to most people in the Royal Borough who actually want services from their council. Most residents have seen this cut as a cynical political statement rather than anything genuine. One wonders how much time and how much money were wasted trying to achieve this headline ‘reduction’. Perhaps the council could look closer to home for savings.

When the Tories came to power in the Royal Borough, one of the first things they did was to raise their own allowances by a staggering 91%, before deciding that 60 people had to lose their jobs to achieve efficiency savings.

Surely, leadership comes from the top. Returning Councillor allowances to the 2007 levels would save us well over £200,000; a gesture which may actually make people believe “we’re all in this together”. The candidates for the Windsor Labour Party will campaign for this reduction in Councillor allowances if elected to the Royal Borough council on the 5th of May.
This blog was also sent as a letter to the local newspapers.

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