Monday, 6 February 2012

(April 2010) Support for Liberal Democrats has collapsed in Windsor

Archived (from April 2010):

The Liberal Democrats’ desperation in Windsor is apparent with their standard ‘Labour can’t win here’ line in leaflets distributed to residents. Voters in Windsor can see through the misleading leaflets to the truth – at the last election in Windsor (the Park ward by election in January this year), the Lib Dems suffered a massive 18% drop in their vote whilst the Labour vote surged by 11%.

Residents are voting with their feet to the real alternative in Windsor – the Labour Party. Our manifesto which can be found at: offers people a real alternative including plans for pretty cool innovations for the town such as creating facilities for home workers at the library and making Windsor a tech hub. All this whilst still fighting for the retention of services against cuts which are too hard and too fast.

The fact that the Lib Dems abstained from the council budget vote illustrates that they are not prepared to represent residents properly. This weakness will be punished by locals on May 5th.
This blog was also sent as a letter to the local papers on the 26/04/11.

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