Monday, 6 February 2012

(April 2010) Liberal Democrats mislead Windsor voters with incorrect voting data

Archived (from April 2010):

Windsor Liberal Democrats this week circulated addressed letters to residents in the constituency. The letter attacked both other main parties whilst showing a graph that appeared to show the Liberal Democrats as the only opposition to the Tories. The slogan 'Labour can't win here at the General Election' and on another leaflet 'Labour can't Win in Windsor' accompanied both graphs, implying that somehow the graph was based on a previous General Election result. The graph was not attributed (we believe it was actually based on local council elections in 2007).

We at the Windsor Labour Party want to see honesty in politics. We've repeatedly campaigned against dishonest and closed politics in Windsor, including exposing Tory Councillors who were taking allowances and not actually attending council meetings.

We have written to the Liberal Democrats to ask them that they play fair in the General Election next week and don't resort to this kind of 'dirty tactic'. We hope that their candidate, Julian Tisi will apologise to people in Windsor for the letters and leaflets his party sent out in his name.

For the record, we've shown above the actual result of the 2005 election. If you want a candidate that will represent you fairly and honestly, vote for Labour's Dr. Amanjit Jhund on the 6th of May.

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