Monday, 6 February 2012

(April 2010) Absent Adam AWOL at Windsor Boys School hustings

Archived (from April 2010):

On the 20th of April the Windsor Boys School held a hustings for their 6th form students. They invited political parties standing in Windsor at the General Election on the 6th of May to attend.
Dr Amanjit Jhund the Labour Party candidate, Mr Julian Tisi the Liberal Democrat candidate, and Mr Derek Wall the Green Party candidate all attended.

Mr Adam Afriyie, the Conservative candidate failed to attend and the Windsor Conservative party failed to provide an alternative representative.

Dr Jhund spoke about his disappointment in the absence of a conservative representative.
“Mr Afriyie has repeatedly declined the opportunity to debate his policies in front of the electorate. He has no excuse not to turn up to these debates now that parliament has been dissolved and he is no longer an MP.”

He continued by saying “Their failure to provide any sort of representative just goes to show the contempt with which the Conservatives in Windsor treat the electorate and in particular first-time voters.”
Dr Jhund went on to stress that he would accept any such invitations.

“I have already accepted invitations to several husting events. Unlike the Conservatives we in the Labour party welcome the chance to present our polices to the electorate and debate them in a full and frank manner.”

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