Monday, 6 February 2012

(April 2010) Adam Afriyie failure in Digital Debate

Archived (from April 2010):

Our letter to the local papers in Windsor this week:
During the discussion of the Digital Economy bill on the 6th of April, our local MP’s conduct was not that which should be expected from someone who is supposed to be representing our constituency. The contents of the bill aside, Mr. Afriyie’s blatant pre-election politicking detracted from discussion of the substance of the bill.

His apparent incompetence was astounding. Announcing the three clauses for which the Conservatives had ‘red lines’ for – he read out the wrong clause numbers for two of the three and had to be corrected twice. He then went onto confuse Penarth in Wales with Penrith in Cumbria – 289 miles from each other! Shortly after he then confused Penrith with Perth in Scotland, having to apologise again blaming his poor handwriting.

During the debate he mentioned Twitter being important, which of course it is but clearly not to him. He hasn’t used his twitter account for nearly a year. I hope that on May 6th, the people of Windsor will choose a better representative in the form of Labour’s Dr. Amanjit Jhund than our current clumsy MP.

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