Friday, 14 November 2014


For a long time now I have been saying beware of UKIP because they want to completely privatise the NHS. You no longer have to take my word for it, here it is from the lips of Nigel Farage

Please watch this short clip of recent film, taken at a UKIP gathering which explains why OUR NHS is not safe in UKIP's hands.

Do you want your taxes to be spent of shareholder dividends?
Do you want to pay additional private insurance for life saving treatment that is currently universally free at the point of need?
Do you want to end up like US citizens who thought they were insured but had their treatment payments rejected by smart insurance companies?

I do not want any of these things, that is why I am fighting to be heard across Ascot, Windsor, Sunningdale, Binfield and the rest of the constituency. That is why I am offering you a credible alternative to the current Tory MP who voted for all the damaging changes to the NHS.

£34 BILLION of taxes has not been collected from companies and this is just the figure we know about. Labour will collect those unpaid taxes to prevent the further undermining of the NHS and the livelihoods of British citizens.

The Tories and the LibDems have brought our NHS to it's knees by putting the NHS on a fast track to privatisation. UKIP want to finish the job. For the sake of your families please vote Labour in 2015 to stop this madness.

Fiona Dent

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Campaigning for the NHS in the heart of Windsor


We had a fantastic day campaigning in Peascod street, Windsor today. Lots of people were keen to sign our petition to stop the privatisation of the NHS and also to take part in our survey of resident's views.

10 of us chatted to passers by and got a very positive response. 2 of our new helpers were Dr Megan John, a local GP, and the unstoppable Ms Terry Quadling who has around 60 years experience of working in the NHS - and she is stiil going!

The text of our petition is..........


Petition to Adam Afriyie MP: We the undersigned, ask you to withdraw your support of the further privatisation of our NHS and vote for an exemption for the NHS from the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

Thursday, 9 October 2014

NHS PUBLIC MEETING 27th November 2014

Fantastic opportunity to find out how the NHS will be improved under a Labour Government in 2015.

27th November 2014.

Click HERE for details.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Next Meeting!

The October meeting of Windsor Labour Party is on Thursday 16th at Clewer Lodge on Mill lane where we will be mulling over the events of Conference and new policy announcements. As usual there will be plenty of tea, biscuits and discussion!

Fiona Dent, our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate may also be persuaded to tell us some stories from the People's March for the NHS (300 miles from Jarrow to Westminster to save the NHS!)

(Coming from central Windsor along the Maidenhead road, turn right into Mill lane; Clewer Lodge, a church building, will be on your right.)

We start prompt at 8pm. See you there!

Party Wall Notices and the benefit of tea and biscuits

Monday, 4 August 2014

21st Century JARROW MARCH

Fiona Dent will be walking from Jarrow to Westminster to petition politicians to
Please support her at the above link and through Facebook and Twitter. THANKYOU! 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

SUMMER BARBECUE! 19th July 2014

All Labour members, supporters, friends and families are welcome at our SUMMER BBQ!

Spike and Rosanna are hosting the BBQ at 12 Llanvair drive, Ascot, SL5 9HT at 12 noon on Saturday 19th July 2014. There will be a 'Vote Labour' sign in their front garden!

£6 is the charge for adults and £4 for children and vegetarians.

The music and ambiance will, as usual, be exceptional and we hope that you will come to everyone's favourite event of the summer!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

PETER SHEARMAN; Labour candidate for the Clewer North by-election 24-7-2014

As a local man with a young family I know how important it is that communities have a strong voice, and are able to influence and shape their future. I have heard from many in Clewer North about the struggles they have with local planning, and how marginalised they feel by the council. I will work tirelessly to stand up for the residents of Clewer North, to ensure the community retains its character and regains control of its future.