Sunday, 25 January 2015



On the Thursday 29th January 2015 many NHS staff will be striking, they are simply asking for a small payrise to help them pay the bills and to stop their colleagues leaving nursing and other health professions to go to better paid, less stressful jobs.

I support the NHS and believe that the staff should be paid better than they are; so to support the staff I will be marching from Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot to King Edwards Hospital in Windsor on the morning of the 29th. A distance of just over 6 miles.

You don’t have to be a walker to support ‘The People’s March:’ You can come along to Heatherwood Hospital simply to take part in the rally at 9am or you could join at King Edwards Hospital to welcome us there, we expect to arrive at 12 noon.  

The route follows a main road that runs right through the heart of beautiful Windsor Great Park and it will be mostly down hill. The views are lovely as you walk over the brow of the hill and look down over the park and Windsor and lots of passing traffice will see us.

9am: Meet at 9am at Heatherwood Hospital: If you are arriving by train, The hospital is a 20 minute walk from Ascot Station on the Reading/Waterloo line. Please allow time for this. MAP. 

9am to 9.30am: Opportunity to display banners and flags, press photos etc. I will be there but please congregate on the pavement outside the entrance where passing traffic can see you and make sure pedestrians can pass if they need to. 

9.20 am: Rally and speech at Heatherwood in support of NHS staff.

9.30am: Start the march; we will follow the main road for 6 miles down to Windsor and King Edwards Hospital. MAP.

12 - 12.30  We will be met by UNISON pickets and will rally in support of NHS staff. Some people may leave us here but others may join.

All being well we will march through the town ending at the Mainline Windsor and Eton station on the Reading/Waterloo line. MAP. Brief rally to thank everybody at our stop point then we will disband.  

If you let me know you are coming I will try to provide a high visability waistcoat for you. Wear trainers or your favourite walking shoes or boots. We are planning to walk on concrete and short grass so comfort is more important than high tech’ boots. Plenty of warm layers and a rain proof layer just in case! A small day back pack is a good idea for your spare layers/gloves/chocolate etc.

Thames Valley Police are aware of the march and want us to keep ourselves as safe as possible. We will walk 2 abreast for the march and those who want to, can carry banners or flags. About half the route has a pavement and half not: On the section that has no pavement we will still walk 2 abreast but one will be on the grass verge and one right on the edge of the road facing the oncoming traffic on the right hand side (so that we can see the cars that pass closest to us). High vis’ jackets and banners will make us very visible to traffic. I have checked the route and this is the best option.

There is nothing like a bit of positive action and a walk in the park to boost our morale as we get going on the 2015 campaign to save the NHS from underfunding, from break up and from privatisation. Please support me with this day of action; for more info and offers of support my email is  Remember you don’t have to be a Labour supporter to come long and support your NHS staff: you can keep track of my campaigning at and My number is 07824953354 if pickets, supporters or press want to contact me. Also I will be contacting the press separately. HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE 29TH!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Osborne's pensioner giveaway, paid for by the children of the UK

Over the weekend George Osborne celebrated the initial success of his Pensioner Bond giveaway. Over 10% of the £10bn allocation for the bond, which returns 4% p.a. over three years, has already been taken up. But while this may be clever electoral politics, it is a bad policy by any other measure.

This is a redistributive policy that gives money to wealthy pensioners, paid for by the rest of us in the form of above-market debt interest payments. That cost is estimated at £300m a year more interest than if we had borrowed £10bn from the gilt market. The hypocrisy of this from a Chancellor committed to cutting the deficit is clear for all to see - even the Taxpayers Alliance have lined up to criticise the policy.

For a comparison, one of the coalition’s first acts was to scrap Labour’s Child Trust Funds. These funds were given to a parent on behalf of every child at birth, maturing on the child’s 18th birthday. They were modest, but intended to encourage saving by the family for the child’s future.

Scrapping these funds saved £320m a year in 2010 and 2011.

In effect the coalition took money away from every child in this country, including the most deprived, and redistributed it to wealthy pensioners in a pre-Election giveaway.

Another insight into the Conservative’s priorities for this country.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Local Council fails the electorate.

On the first working day of the new year I phoned RBWM to ask how many registered electors there are in Windsor and they were clearly in the midst of working frenetically to solve their problems with the switch over to the new system.
I felt sorry for the staff I spoke to but I am worried that many people, particularly young adults, will lose their vote in this fiasco.
Fiona Dent
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Windsor Constituency.

Here the Windsor Express takes up the story.
CLICK on the article.

Friday, 28 November 2014


 A very informative and lively meeting with LORD PHILIP HUNT in West Windsor tonight (27th November 2014). 

We talked about the mad rush to privatisation that this government is leading, how it is being starved of the support it needs and how Labour can repair the damage if elected in 2015. People came from far and wide to hear him speak and ask questions. Members of the public raised difficult issues and some carried on talking long after Philip left (photo below). A very worthwhile and enjoyable evening! 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

NHS PUBLIC MEETING 27th November 2014

WINDSOR LABOUR will be holding a public meeting
on the future of the NHS. Our key speaker is LORD
, Shadow Health Minister; he was born
locally, is looking forward to spending some time with
us and will be answering questions. Please give him a
warm Windsor welcome by coming along.


When: 27th of November 7.30pm
Where: New Windsor Community Association
Centre On Hanover Way, Clewer North,
Windsor SL4 5NW
Who: Fiona Dent, your Prospective parliamentary
Candidate will host the event.


Friday, 14 November 2014


For a long time now I have been saying beware of UKIP because they want to completely privatise the NHS. You no longer have to take my word for it, here it is from the lips of Nigel Farage

Please watch this short clip of recent film, taken at a UKIP gathering which explains why OUR NHS is not safe in UKIP's hands.

Do you want your taxes to be spent of shareholder dividends?
Do you want to pay additional private insurance for life saving treatment that is currently universally free at the point of need?
Do you want to end up like US citizens who thought they were insured but had their treatment payments rejected by smart insurance companies?

I do not want any of these things, that is why I am fighting to be heard across Ascot, Windsor, Sunningdale, Binfield and the rest of the constituency. That is why I am offering you a credible alternative to the current Tory MP who voted for all the damaging changes to the NHS.

£34 BILLION of taxes has not been collected from companies and this is just the figure we know about. Labour will collect those unpaid taxes to prevent the further undermining of the NHS and the livelihoods of British citizens.

The Tories and the LibDems have brought our NHS to it's knees by putting the NHS on a fast track to privatisation. UKIP want to finish the job. For the sake of your families please vote Labour in 2015 to stop this madness.

Fiona Dent

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Campaigning for the NHS in the heart of Windsor


We had a fantastic day campaigning in Peascod street, Windsor today. Lots of people were keen to sign our petition to stop the privatisation of the NHS and also to take part in our survey of resident's views.

10 of us chatted to passers by and got a very positive response. 2 of our new helpers were Dr Megan John, a local GP, and the unstoppable Ms Terry Quadling who has around 60 years experience of working in the NHS - and she is stiil going!

The text of our petition is..........


Petition to Adam Afriyie MP: We the undersigned, ask you to withdraw your support of the further privatisation of our NHS and vote for an exemption for the NHS from the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).