Monday, 4 April 2016

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President Obama and the EU.

The president of the USA visited Windsor to see the Queen and on the same day upset the out campaigners by suggesting that we as a country should stay in the EU. The USA has an interest in maintaining a strong united Europe. They have demonstrated this fully by coming to our aid during the Second World War and implementing the marshal plan of aid to rebuild Europe. We must not forget the role Churchill played on our behalf in setting up the EU. This was done to attempt to prevent such a war ever happening again and so far it has worked. The EU allows us to cooperate with our neighbours by having the organisation to negotiate with them and the democratic institution to oversee this. Yes it cost us money; to be in a club you have to pay the subs, but we get the services and grant aid back in return. The EU has been very successful in uniting neighbours in Europe for the common good, we should play our part on defending this success by staying in Europe. 

Windsor Constituency Labour Party. 
Letter published 29th April 2016 in both the Windsor Express & Windsor Observer